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Ag Food Science P

    Agricultural Food Science
Grades 10-12
Prerequisite: none
This course will teach students the fundamental scientific principles to the research and development of food products through the chemistry of food. Through extensive and numerous laboratory experimentation along with class discussions, field trips and guest speakers, students will apply food processes and chemistry principles as they pertain to the food science industry. This laboratory based class is designed to educate students about the chemical processes food science undergoes along with, food safety, quality assurance, new product development and food processing and engineering. The topics of atomic structure, chemical bonds, gases, acids and bases, solutions, chemical thermodynamic and reaction rates will be embedded in the class discussions, activities and labs about agriculture food science and technology. This course is part of a series of courses to prepare the student for college level entry into the various disciplines of agricultural science. Students are required to complete FFA activities and a Supervised Agricultural Experience project for this course. This course is approved for the UC/CSU “D” lab science requirement.


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