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History and Art of Floral Design P
History and Art of Floral Design ROP P
Grades 11-12
Prerequisite: Ag Floral Design 1 with a C- or better
The History and Art of Floral Design provides an introduction to artistic and creative perception including aesthetic valuing through a series of projects in various media including flowers. Students are also introduced to the elements and principles of visual art design such as line, shape/form, color, balance, and emphasis using a series of floral-based projects to explore the connections, relations, and Design application to visual arts design. Students will research and study floral trends to understand and develop an appreciation for floral design within historical and cultural, formal and casual, ceremonial and traditional, including an understanding that floral designs are affected by society, culture, history, politics, and economic influence. Various assignments based on abstract two and three dimensional designs, historical culture and theory, color theory, and analytical critiques of various floral art works using design vocabulary in conjunction with development of technical skills in floral art will serve as a foundation for more complex works such as multi-part floral designs and creative expression through wedding consultations. In addition, the class will also cover the employment application elements and process, interview skills and create a complete portfolio of work. Some after school time will be required to work at the Crimson Floral Shop. A fee will be charged or fundraising will be an option to offset the cost of flowers. Students are required to complete FFA activities and a Supervised Agricultural Experience project for this course. This course meets the UC/CSU “F” requirement. This course is articulated with, and dual enrolled Modesto Junior College for EHS 50- Beginning Ornamental Gardening and EHS 280– Beginning Floral Design.


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